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Jan, 2021

Messiah Men's Soccer Recruits


Messiah is a Christian college looking for student-athletes who are serious about their faith and have the maturity to handle the high expectations of our program. The foundation of our men's soccer program is set upon our belief in Christ and we want to integrate that faith in everything we do--both on and off the field.

In addition, we are looking for players who are have a high level of technical, tactical, and athletic ability. We often attract players who choose Messiah over a mid-major DI school because of the environment, culture, and intentionally positive team chemistry found in our program.

We are still looking for a goalkeeper for our 2016 class, but we are almost finished up recruiting for our field players.  We are currently working hard to identify players in our 2017 class (Juniors) who would be a great fit both on and off the field.  Although this is subject to change we are looking for the following positions in our 2017 class:
-Target   -Left Footed Winger  -Attacking Central Midfielder  -Central Midfielder  -Right Back  -Center Back  -Goalkeeper


Click the button above and fill out our online questionnaire so we have all of your information.  Then follow up with an e-mail to our Recruiting Coordinator/Assistant Coach Aaron Faro at

The best way for us to see you play is to come to one of our summer camps.  A second way is to attend one of the tournaments listed below.

This is a high level two day camp held on Messiah's campus for those serious about playing soccer at a Christian college. 

Bethesda Premier Cup (MD)--Novermber
CASL (NC)--November
PA Classics Winter Showcase (PA)--December
Disney Boys Soccer Showcase (FL)--December
Triangle Friendlies (NC)-January
Annandale Cup (VA)--March
Jefferson Cup (VA)--March
Potomac Memorial (MD)--May
Mid-Atlantic Cup (PA)--July

The team is determined through the recruiting process as opposed to open tryouts when school starts. Therefore, it is important for interested high school student-athletes to understand both the process and the timing.  The following are some steps you can take to help in the recruiting process:

1. Contact Us:  Fill out our online recruiting form so we will have your information. Then follow up with a personal e-mail to our Recruiting Coordinator/Assistant Coach Aaron Faro at and copy Head Coach Brad McCarty to the e-mail at

2. Come to Camp:  Our Christian College ID Camp in June is a great way for you to learn more about us and allow us to see you compete in our system and style of play.  There are also a number of other Christian colleges that attend the camp that provides you exposure to a variety of schools.

3. Send us Tournament Schedules:  If you will be attending one of the tournaments in the right hand box, then send us your game times, field locations, opponent, and jersey number.

4. Visit Campus:  You can get a campus tour, meet with Admissions, and spend time with the coaching staff.  Contact our Admissions Office at 717-691-6000 to set up the visit, and be sure to let them know you wish to meet with the coaching staff.

5. Send us Highlights Although we don't typically offer spots based on video alone, it can sometimes be a good starting place for the recruiting process.

6. Come to a Game It is of great benefit for you to see us play and get a first hand look at the level of play, the team's style, and the atmosphere surrounding a game.

We spend the fall, spring, and summer of a player's junior year to indentify and evaluate players who we think would be an excellent fit for Messiah--spiritually, academically, and athletically. By August the identification phase of our recruiting process is complete and we begin to offer spots.  We have finished our recruiting for the following year as early as September and as late as January, but for the most part it has been sometime around November 1st.

For the right kid, Messiah is an awesome place to be...if you are interested in learning more, then fill out our online recruiting form and we will get back to you.

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